What's on offer #locochoices

$17.50 - $20

Membership #akacommitment

Locomotion Health Club or "Loco" to it's friends has space for 100 members. This number hasn't been designed by accident. Whilst membership sales are good for generating income we don't subscribe to selling inactive gym memberships. This is not a fulfilling achievement. We feel humans can comfortably maintain between 100-200 stable, valuable and active relationships, so this is how we have designed our business. 

Think of it this way, how many people would you not feel uncomfortable joining uninvited for a drink? And yet take a look at most peoples Facebook 'friend networks' - 340 people (global average).

We all know it is can be a little awkward to work out the difference between a 'friend' and a 'Facebook friend' but let us help you with this simple analogy if you wouldn't invite them over for a BBQ into your home to be amongst your dog/s, kids or messy house then chances are you are best suited to be online friends. Whilst it's nice to be friendly (and we are friendly btw) we believe active, strong and meaningful friendships are the best.  

So, If you are genuinely interested in your health and fitness and would like to join Locomotion Health Club please send us an enquiry to arrange a catch up movement@locomotionfitness.com.au or call (02) 4998 2060 #locomotio


Program Design #trainsmart

Ever looked at all the equipment in a gym and thought what on earth do I do now? Filling a building with equipment is one thing but knowing what to do with it based upon your specific goals is where Program Design comes to play. We have the knowledge and experience to design, maintain and update programs to ensure you stay challenged, accountable and motivated. 

Human beings are all experts in the field of making excuses so having a battle plan is one way of preventing the onset of losing momentum. We understand not everyone has the time or the resources to engage in Personal Training so by following a program which is updated every 8-12 weeks allows you to;

Combat workout boredom - love the gym or not it does get boring at times

Help your grey matter - exercise is proven to keep your brain sharp and prevent memory loss. New skills help fire up your neurons better so why find some new exercises to enhance the grey matter even more :)

Break through plateaus - What's that saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Whatever your take on it the fact it your body just won't bring you anything new if you don't supply it with anything new. Improvements in Posture, Flexibility, Stability, Strength, Power & Performance all hinge on you being able to provide another challenge with exercise prescriptions (programs) and or calories (if weight gain or loss is your goal).

Build new muscles - Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your body. Specific exercise will achieve specific results, take a look in the professional sporting world to compare the physical appearance of say an 800 metre runner against a 100 meter sprinter and a hammer thrower against a rower. The way we see it the weekend warrior or recreational exercises (You and I) will benefit from a combined approach to build a strong heart ( HIIT/muscle endurance), strong muscular legs, powerful upper body and mobility to deliver balanced functional movement. You will look the bomb and we well prepared to handle a variety of sports, lift the kids up off the ground and engage in the many tasks life often demands.

Prevent overuse injuries - Repetitive strain injury is a subject physiotherapists study as this is the basis of many of the musculoskeletal injuries they will treat day to day. These predominantly soft tissue injuries arise from doing lots of repetitions of something i.e. running, hitting  golf ball, hammering, painting etc. etc. By providing variety in your training you will allow the opportunity for overused muscles, joints and ligaments (connective tissue) a chance to rest and recover.

$70 - 90

Personal Training #maxresults

The ultimate in results. You cannot place yourself in a better position to achieve results than by working with a #lococoach who has all the tools and skills to get you there. Personal Training #huntervalleyPTcomprises a one hour training session in either a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 setting for 1 hour. This environment is best suited to people who know what they want and are willing to work to achieve it. If you don't have a can do attitude be prepared to be in the presence of someone who has it in abundance.

Note - It is impossible to hide in this environment. 


Athletic Strength & Conditioning (including bodybuilding & figure competitors) #performance

Ok so you have a very specific outcome or performance that you need to prepare for. This is not just a case of "I just want to get fit". This is clearly a case of I want to win "X" or I need to lift "Y". 

You are a competitive sports person, figure/body building athlete or dancer/performer who must execute a specific task in order to achieve results (trophies, income/money $ or just plain old satisfaction).

This preparation involves a starting point and ending point with lots of meat in the middle. Goals must be established, timelines created, training regime agreed upon, training history understood and progress/project management executed along the way.

If you have what it takes, we have something in common #huntervalleyS&C.


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